Water Pressure & Your Pipes: Learn How Different Pressures Affect Your Plumbing

How Different Water Pressures Affect Your Plumbing

Learn how water pressure affects your pipes.

Just like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, your water pressure needs to be just right. Too high or too low and you may face issues with your home’s plumbing. Think of your home’s pipes and water pressure like blood vessels and blood pressure. If your systems aren’t balanced, they won’t function properly. Check out how water pressure can affect your home’s plumbing.

High Pressure:

When your blood pressure is too high, the force of the blood against your blood vessels is high. Your blood vessels are at risk for deterioration, and you’re at risk for more serious health issues like a heart attack or stroke. Similarly, when water pressure is too high, the force of the water against your pipes increases the likelihood of damage. High water pressure increases the risk for leaks, pipe damage, and wasted water. Invest in a water pressure regulator to help reduce the water pressure in your home.

Low Pressure:

When your blood pressure is too low, you increase your risk of feeling sluggish and weak. Since the blood isn’t getting to where it needs to go as forcefully, it leaves you feeling weak and tired. Just like having low blood pressure leaves you feeling weak, low water pressure can leave your appliances starved for water. Improve the water pressure in your home and have your water regulator inspected. An inspection may bring to light an issue that is reducing your home’s water pressure.

Risk for Leaks:

With either high water pressure or low water pressure, your home is at risk of leaks. Protect your home from costly water damage and have your pipes regularly inspected for leaks.

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