Need a New Toilet? Check Out These Tips to Help You Determine When to Replace Your Toilet

Check Out These Tips to Determine When to Replace Your Toilet

Use these tips to help you determine if it’s time for a new toilet.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, your bathrooms are essential. From the sink to the shower, there are plenty of fixtures that must be well maintained. However, perhaps the most important bathroom fixture is the toilet. While we often don’t think about the toilet, it needs to be replaced just like any other home appliance. Find out what you need to know about toilets so that you can make the right replacement decision.

Toilet Life Span.

The typical toilet usually lasts for about 50 years. However, various factors can influence how often you invest in a new toilet. If your toilet needs frequent repairs you may need a new toilet. Additionally, you may choose to invest in a new toilet for cosmetic reasons so that you have an up to date bathroom.

Frequent Repairs.

When you’re fixing your toilet on a regular basis, it’s generally a sign that it’s time for a new toilet. Whether your toilet is running often or you’re making weekly calls to the plumber, it’s time for a new toilet. You’ll save time and money purchasing a new toilet rather than continuing to call a plumber to make repairs.

Clogged Toilet.

It’s normal for a toilet to get clogged every once in a while. However, if your toilet gets clogged regularly, it may be time for a new toilet. Older toilets are often outdated and they can get clogged easily. Help to remedy the issue by investing in a new toilet.

Saving Water.

If you want to save on your water bill, consider investing in a new toilet. A water wise toilet uses less water so that it flushes more efficiently. You’ll save water and money, making the investment well worth your while.

When replacing your home’s toilets, ensure that you use the right plumbers. For assistance with all your plumbing needs, contact the experts at Thousand Oaks Plumbing. Located in Thousand Oaks, California we help the Conejo Valley, Ventura County, and San Fernando Valley with all their water conservation and plumbing needs.

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