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Water Under Sink

Water Under Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sink? Call Thousand Oaks Plumbing! 

One of the most common calls we get is from homeowners who find water under their kitchen or bathroom sink. This is an area where a lot of plumbing components connect and because the pipes are exposed, it’s easy to spot a problem when it occurs. There are a lot of reasons you could find dripping, running or puddles of water in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet so it’s best to call a professional to get the issue corrected quickly and correctly.

We offer emergency service for your water leaks. Start an online chat or give us a call at (805) 494-4981 and our friendly representatives will dispatch a technician right away!

Why is My Kitchen or Bathroom Sink Leaking? 

Here are some of the most common reasons for leaks under your sink:

Clogged Drain

A clog in your pipe (link to drain cleaning page) can lead to water under your sink. DIY drain cleaners won’t fully clear the clog, so it’s best to get a professional’s help.

Leak In The Drain

If you fill your sink with water and it leaks below as it drains, you may have a drain leak that requires professional repair.

Leaky Pipes

When the supply pipe (link to pipe leak page) that brings water to your sink springs a leak, water can accumulate under the sink.

Clogged Or Damaged Trap

A P-trap is designed to collect debris, prevent clogs, prevent water backflow and keep sewer gas from entering your home. When they fail, leaks can occur.

Loose Basin

If you dribble water around the rim of your sink basin and it drips into the cabinet below, your sink needs securing. It may be as simple as cleaning and reapplying caulk or re-securing the sink, or the basin may need replacing.

Damaged Basin

Over time, sink basins can crack or chip from the regular use or harsh cleaners.

Faulty Plumbing Connection

Leaks around faucets or fittings can mean a loose mounting, worn-out hoses, bad seals or faulty gaskets.

Garbage Disposal Problems

If the leak seems to be coming from the garbage disposal (link to garbage disposal page), you may have trouble with the fittings, connections, unit or pipes.

Reverse Osmosis System Trouble

A reverse osmosis system provides filtered drinking water at your kitchen sink or refrigerator. Age, worn-out hoses or clogged lines can create leaks.

Do I Need a Plumber? 

If you are handy, you might be able to repair simple problems like a loose screw or damaged washer. But there are many different types of faucets and each one operates different and requires unique parts. The best way to get your leaking or dripping faucet fixed is to enlist the help of a professional plumber.

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