Our Maintenance Plans

Peace of Mind From The Plumber You Trust

Most homeowners don’t think about their plumbing until there is a problem. The best protection against emergency plumbing problems is preventative maintenance. A maintenance plan from the experts at Thousand Oaks Plumbing ensures your plumbing system is working properly and can alert you to potential problems before they happen, giving you peace of mind—and a whole lot more.

Program Benefits

The VIP Plumbing Protection Program is plumbing security for your home. The program includes:

Annual 11-point system evaluation and tune-up $540 value

1. Inspect and dye test all toilets for leaks
2. Check interior faucets for leaks and proper operation
3. Inspect all sink traps for proper flow
4. Test all drains for blockages
5. Examine all exposed pipes for leaks and corrosion
6. Ensure proper operation of emergency shut-off valves
7. Test pressure regulator for optimal water pressure
8. Inspect and flush water heater
9. Test water quality
10. Inspect exterior faucets
11. Sewer line video inspection

✔ Preferred pricing on all services

✔ Priority booking and scheduling

✔ Improved plumbing performance

✔ Increased system efficiency

✔ Enhanced system reliability

✔ Extended equipment life

✔ Peace of mind

Referred By Many, Preferred By All

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