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Video & Camera Line Inspections

Using Video Cameras to Inspect Sewer Lines

Video cameras are an invaluable tool for plumbers. Specially made fiber optic cameras let technicians see the inside of underground sewer lines and other pipes to help locate blockages, identify damage and determine the exact cause of many plumbing problems. Camera inspections are non-invasive (no jackhammering!), accurate and take the guesswork out of identifying the source of your problem.

Thousand Oaks Plumbing has dedicated video inspectors, specially trained to identify the source of the trouble and make recommendations to solve your problem. Our fully equipped trucks mean we can usually solve common problems in one trip!


Reasons For Drain and Sewer Inspections:

  • Identify the source of a blockage

  • Pinpoint the location of tree roots, cracks, breaks or corrosion

  • Retrieve an item lost down a drain

  • Inspect the lines of a potential home before purchasing

  • Monitor the health of a septic system

  • Ensure the health of a plumbing system before remodeling

Our Process

Our specialists are trained to properly assess any plumbing issues

Once the problem is identified we present you solutions to choose from.

Let us take care of this, it’s what we do!

We offer emergency service for your drain & sewer. Start an online chat or give us a call at (805) 494-4981 and our friendly representatives will dispatch a technician right away!

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