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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Repair & Installation

Taking a 20-minute shower can easily empty a 40-gallon conventional water heater. But a tankless (or on-demand) water heater heats your water only when you need it. Thanks to their compact size, tankless water heaters can be installed in a closet, on an exterior wall or in another convenient space, freeing up valuable storage space in your home, garage or office. Tankless water heaters offer an endless supply of hot water, saving money on energy costs by not heating and reheating the same tank of water. While the initial investment is higher than a conventional water heater, most homeowners find the appliance pays for itself quickly in energy savings and product longevity.
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Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater

Instant Hot Water

No more letting the water run, waiting for hot water to reach a faucet or outlet! Whether you’re washing dishes, doing laundry or drawing a bath, tankless water heater technology supplies endless hot water throughout your home.

Fresh, Clean Water

Because water is heated as it passes through the tankless unit, you’ll always have a supply of fresh, clean water. On the other hand, traditional water heaters can accumulate rust and mineral scale inside the tank where the hot water you use for bathing and drinking is stored.

Lower Energy Bills and Longevity

Tankless water heaters can help homeowners save up to 40% on energy costs. Available in both gas and electric models, units are designed to be highly efficient and only heat water when it’s needed. Tankless water heaters typically last up to 20 years, twice as long as conventional units.

Space Savings

Traditional water heaters can take up to 16 square feet of valuable floor space. Tankless water heaters are about the size of a carry-on suitcase and can be installed on virtually any wall inside or outside your home.

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